Munir El-Amin

Vizier of Trade to the governor of Al-Qahira


Munir is plainly dressed for a Vizier, eschewing the gold and jewels most Viziers adorn themselves with. His robes are finely made, yet often covered in a thin layer of dust. He has a gruff demeanor and an equally gruff look, with a nose that has been broken more than once. He is a true and honest man, but his manner can be blunt and off-putting to those who don’t know him.


Raised in a poor desert village, Munir is a self-made man. He if fiercely loyal to his home country of Mulan and its people. He is not nearly as loyal to its current government.

Munir despises slavery. It is a shameful part of Mulan’s history, and he resents the Imperium for allowing the slave trade to resume and thrive. He has a special place in his heart, and reserves his most fearsome hate, for his countrymen who have used the current political situation as an excuse to enslave his fellow countrymen and line their purses with gold.

Munir El-Amin

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