Nejem Al-Amir

Son of El Hajjaj and 2nd in command of the Sasanian


Nejem Al-Amir has a medium build with dark hair and a closely trimmed mustache. He wears the same dark robes of the desert nomads, but ornaments them with any gold and jewels he has taken from his victims.

Nejem has a short temper and is very quick to anger. Not one to kill someone quickly, he prefers to draw out the pain for as long as possible.


The son of El Hajjaj Nejem Al-Amir has grown up knowing nothing but wickedness and cruelty. He knows nothing of love, caring, justice, or honor. Growing up in the Sasanian will do that to a man.

Ever more thirsty for power, Nejem will do whatever it takes, and kill whomever he has to, to attain it. He also has an unnatural thirst for blood and pain. Where his father kills because he has to, Nejem kills and inflicts pain because he likes to.

Nejem Al-Amir

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