Umara Jabari

Human barbarian following the path of the Totem Warrior


Standing nearly 6 feet tall and weighing in at 165 lbs. of solid rippling muscle, Umara casts an imposing shadow. Clad in the traditional leather and cheetah skins of her people, her dark chocolate skin stands in contrast to her garments. Her face in a perpetual frown, her gaze is unsettling, even when she’s in a good mood.


Hailing from the villages of the Mulan desert, Umara will stop at nothing to find her baby sister and bring her home. Her village was wiped out by the The Sasanian and her sister was presumably sold off as a slave. She will kill those responsible or die trying.

Her disposition is as warm and cuddly as porcupine. While she does not openly show affection to anyone, she does care deeply about those close to her. She finds herself fretting over them like a lioness looking after her cubs, always feeling a sense of responsibility.

Umara Jabari

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