Aamir Ajam

Wealthy and power hungry merchant in the city of Al-Qahira


Amir Ajam is tall and slender, with a long face framed by a crop of short dark hair, a thin mustache, and a long pointed beard. He is always dressed in the finest silks with a jeweled dagger hanging from his belt.


Amir Ajam is a wealthy merchant who has made most of his money in the slave trade. He currently serves as an advisor to Muni El-Amin, the current Vizier of Coin, as well as the governor, Brutus Amlethus.

He despises the poor and anyone of a lower station than he is. He commonly refers to them as unclean vermin. His speech is often flowery, using unnecessarily long words. Encounters with him are often rude and condescending, unless you have something he wants.

Aamir has ties to the Sasanian, a band of desert raiders led by El Hajjaj. His wealth also affords him other contacts and eyes throughout the city, criminal and otherwise.

Aamir Ajam

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