El Hajjaj

Powerful warlord and slave trader, descendent of Caliph Ptolemy XV.


El Hajjaj is a stoic, solidly build man. Tall, with dark hair and a dark beard, both peppered with grey. He always dresses in the traditional robes of nomadic desert dwelling people. Always serious, when he smiles or laughs is makes all around him uneasy. His gaze can make you feel like you’ve turned to stone.

El Hajjaj can be a powder keg of anger that explodes at any moment, and this keeps even his own men on edge. One moment he can be perfectly calm discussing the details of a trade, and the next he is removing someone’s head.



El Hajjaj is the leader of a group known as the Sasanian. They rove the deserts of Mulan raiding caravans and villages to replenish their supplies. Their main source of income is slaves. Entire villages have been wiped out as the Sasanian pillaged the women and children, while selling the men into slavery. El Hajjaj also has people in the Al-Qahira to do his bidding, such as Aamir Ajam.

All of this is a means to an end for El Hajjaj. He is the direct descendant of the last Caliph, Caliph, Caliph Ptolemy XV. In his mind, he is the rightful heir to the Mulan throne, and the Imperium Romanium are the usurpers. It is his ultimate goal to raise a large enough army to cast the Imperium out of Mulan and take his rightful place on the throne.

El Hajjaj is the father of Nejem Al-Amir. Nejem is a source of pride, embarrassment, hope all at once. He is hoping that one day Nejem will be fit to take control of the Sasanian, and eventually the throne.

El Hajjaj

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