Kitaryth "Kit" Orilaia

Tiefling Cleric of Mishakal, Goddess of Healing


Kitaryth shows her demonic ancestry quite plainly with unguligrade legs ending in brown-black hooves, long smooth tail, sharp fangs, long pointed ears, and brown-black horns that sweep back from behind her temples. However, Kit is a rather petite tiefling standing at a mere 4’10." Body Shape Example

She has deep copper-brown skin and extremely long honey blonde hair that is kept tightly braided and pinned close to her head in a chignon. Her eyes are pure white with no pupils and glow softly. Kit’s Coloring

She currently wears chainmail armor with long leather and chain skirts, covered with a holy amulet, grey tunic, blue tabard, and white cloak (the colors of her order). Kit carries a blue, white, and silver shield.


Born to unknown parents, Kitaryth was found mere weeks after she was born abandoned in a temple to Mishakal. At first, many of the sister priestesses of the temple wanted nothing to do with the young tiefling babe, thinking her born evil. The elderly Head Priestess of the temple, a gentle, yet stern half-elven cleric named Sathriel, took her acolytes to task for their lack of compassion. She then proceeded to adopt Kit as a child of the temple and raised the tiefling, with assistance from the shamed sisters, who grew to love the girl.

As Kit grew up to be a shy, inquisitive girl, she kept to the temple grounds for fear of the foul treatment of others who would not be so understanding. Finding she had the gift for divine magics that were the mainstay of her temple, the sisters took her under their wing. Kit trained in the healing arts and the ways of protection, learning to call from Mishakal in the aid of others. She had potential for powerful healing, yet rather uncontrolled, due to lack of experience.

Yet, this peace was not to last. Sathriel was old when Kit had just arrived, and by the time Kit was 15, Sathriel passed of advanced age. This created a complication. The sisters of the temple were not quite fit for leadership as none of them were powerful in the healing arts. A replacement for the Head of the Temple had to be sent for from the main temple.

The new Head Priestess sent was a rather intolerant high elven woman named Enthyra. Enthyra had some political power in the main temple and had managed to chose her posting. Upon her arrival, she discovered the tiefling cleric that Sathriel had ordained just before she died. Enraged by the thought of a creature of evil being part of “her” temple and the order, she ordered Kitaryth to leave the temple at once.

Shocked at the treatment and heart-broken with being forcefully removed from her home, Kit left heavy hearted. The priestesses gave supplies to her in secret to help ease her way. The sisters swore to send word to the main temple of the actions of the new Head Priestess, in hopes that Kit could one day return home.

Now tossed out into the world, Kitaryth soon discovered that the world was a harsh place. She discovered people could be far and above more cruel than even the new Head could ever have hoped to be. There was so many who fell below the radar of any temple healers due to society and its way of discarding those who were seen as unworthy. There was so much need for compassion that was short in supply in a world such as this.

Kitaryth soon learned to harden herself to protect herself emotionally against the strain of the dark nature of the world. She had to keep her soft heart guarded against the slurs and intolerance of the world.

And yet, she did not lose her faith and her goodness. Continuing on the path of Mishakal she had started, she began to be the person that the unwanted and unfortunate could come to for healing. Kit traveled to show what compassion she could to those who had need of her. If she was not the nicest of sorts at times, it was no great hardship to those who needed her, as many of her patients could see she still cared. Just in a more distant and gruff fashion than most priestesses.

Due to the actions of the priestesses that raised her in her home temple, she is still a guardedly accepted member of her order. Yet, the political power of the Head Priestess keeps her in power at her home temple, and so she cannot return there. Not without somehow loosening the grip the Head has over the temple. However, Kit can visit with most all the other temples that answer to Mishakal.

More recently, Kit ventures forth to make her way to the Main Temple in the heart of the Empire to seek an audience with the Grand High Cleric in regards to her banishment from her home temple, and to speak of the lack of healers providing aide to the downtrodden.

Kitaryth "Kit" Orilaia

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